how we roll

Want to know how we start surfing ?

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who we work for? 


This is how we roll

Want to know how we start surfing ?

First of all... it's all about YOUR needs

How we roll, depends on your needs as a customer. We adapt. To you as a customer, to your specific situation & domain, your project, your question, your problem or need.  It's not about us, it's about you as our client.

How do we deliver?

Depending on the assignment or project we work remote from our offices or at your offices, at a fixed fee or based on time & material. A specific consultant can be assigned to the project or if needed, we use our different in-house expertises to achieve the goals. In any case, we work as a team with you.

Communication is key

Communication is our hobbyhorse, so also when we work remote, we debrief, communicate on a frequent basis.  Only when we both keep on communicating, we can adapt, improve and deliver the project successfully.


A project is not completed without an evaluation. Therefore, we strive to get each single project evaluated thoroughly after delivering.  This way we can both see if we have met our goals and, if applicable, where we need to give an extra boost towards a bigger success.

We create solutions
that people love

Years of successful business
Years of experience
Years is the average time of each collaboration
Of our clients is overly satisfied with our work

Pointbreak ?

Do you know the movie, Point Break? 
If not, we advise you to watch it.
If you were wondering, our company name indeed 
is inspired by the (first) movie. Why?

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