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Founder & Manager

Cindy Wilberts

Cindy founded Pointbreak in 2011 after graduating in Communication in 2000 and 11 years of experience in media, marketing & sales. She evolved from TV Planner to Commercial Director, always in digital and marketing environments.
During her career she took different courses, e.g. Branding & Communication at Vlerick Business School to stay ahead.

She founded Pointbreak having these 4 goals in the frontline:
work with clients & partners in mutual respect, honesty & an open communication (no one-way traffic deals)
always try to improve, keep evolving, keep learning, stay hungry
no complex decision making process at Pointbreak, we keep it simple & fast (not quick & dirty)
do what you love, you'll be good at it, you'll shine & enjoy the success (the right person in the right place)

Cindy is an experienced communication & marketing manager/director with a very large dose of common sense. She’s got good insights in different kinds of business.
She's got a helicopter view, but never loses eye for detail.
She needs freedom and loves to work independently, but likes to work with people.
She needs enough challenges not to get bored and loves to perform top in everything she does. She's a clear, open & transparent communicator with a positive and client centric attitude.

Colleagues, employees, staff members, previous managers & partners and business relations describe her as:
- open-minded - loyal - social - focused - goal-oriented - creative - reliable & trustful - problem solving -,in control - positive - discrete - listener - true/real - professional

Our company story

Do you know the movie, Point Break? 
If not, we advise you to watch this one.

If you were wondering, our company name indeed is inspired by the (first) movie. Why?

A surfer's mindset

Of course we’re not referring to the bank robbing in the movie , but we do believe a surfer’s mindset is essential in any business. If you want your company to be alive and kicking in the next years, you need to develop a surfer’s mindset.

The bigger the waves, the more surfers love it. They love the excitement and adrénaline of surfing the biggest waves. They’re always ready to catch that particular moment.

And so should you. Stay alive, stay creative, try and do new things, keep your eyes and ears open and make sure you all stay alert as a team.

Surfers never give up, they always get up on their board again, they always rise after they’ve fallen, they keep looking for bigger waves. Is this always easy? Of course it isn’t. But they work hard and remain persistent. They don’t want to miss out on that one supreme wave, because it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. There’s no time for fear or hesitation.

You can’t even swim ? Start with learning to swim. Then dive and learn to surf. We assume (and hope) you already feel the link with your business. Most new things come in waves. You can make sure you’re prepared with the right agile mindset,
full of guts: your surfer’s mindset.

Make sure you learn to surf now, so you're ready when that magical wave is there!

It should be fun

Above all these reasons, surfing is fun. And so should your working for your business be. It might even be the most important driver: just because you love it.
Never forget to take a break now and then, it keeps you alert, alive and kicking.  See the world.  See things from other perspectives.  Stay open for new things.  Keep your enthousiasm, your creativity, your drive to work and prepare for what's next.

Make you an excellent surfer

Finding the perfect match for every project is our #1 priority. Thanks to our experience in different communication & marketing fields, we can assign the most skilled person (and best personal match) to take on your business challenges. Because we're convinced it's only possible to create sustainable success with a combination of skills AND character.

We create solutions
that people love

Years of successful business
Years of experience
Years is the average time of each collaboration
Of our clients is overly satisfied with our work

Pointbreak ?

Do you know the movie, Point Break? 
If not, we advise you to watch it.
If you were wondering, our company name indeed 
is inspired by the (first) movie. Why?

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